Label your freshly roasted coffee beans

Coffee roasters startups - we all have to start somewhere

The art of roasting coffee beans to make the perfect blend

Australians are renowned coffee lovers and maybe a tiny bit of a coffee snob. When you taste fantastic flavours, why would you settle for any less?

Yilgarn Micro-Roastery is based in Fremantle, Western Australia and is focused on delivering brew-tiful small batches of speciality coffee. Their small-batch approach to roasting allows complete control of the roasting process so they can deliver seasonal tasty coffee - while having heaps of fun. Stickeroo was so happy to help with the custom sticker needs.

"The journey to a simple cup of coffee is nothing but interesting and complex, and that's why we love it!"

For queries or orders on the latest offerings jump onto Yilgarn Coffee's Website or shoot an email to

Be sure to support this wonderful coffee roaster but Liking and Sharing their Instagram: @yilgarncoffee

A local micro-roastery of coffee beans who roast every two weeks for the more fresh flavours

A few words from Yilgarn themselves:

As a believer in growing brands more organically, Yilgarn Micro-Roastery wants to engage with people through the quality of its coffee and image it represents. With Stickeroo, the ability to provide a trademark on the craft bag enables the project to grow a sense of identity among the many great roasters out there. They also make great decorations for cars, laptops, bicycles, dogs etc. Never underestimate the power and awareness of a well-branded sticker!

Need stickers for our coffee business? Stickeroo offers cost effective labels and stickers, including custom shape and oval shaped stickers.

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