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New and Improved Sticker Sheets

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What’s the difference and why did we do this?

At Stickeroo, we value our customers and always want to provide the best service and products to our customers. We have made a large business decision to invest in commercial machinery which will print better quality stickers and at a cheaper cost. 

We are always wanting to improve our product range and quality. We understand that inflation and the cost of living just won’t stop climbing but if we can help you out, we will!


We have changed the following in our Sticker Sheets: circle, square, rectangles, oval, custom die cut.

This means that your previous orders will look slightly different to the new range but hopefully for the better. The prints are cleaner and crisper which helps with text which is imperative for those labelling purposes. Also, the prints will be smoother. 

We have also decided to upgrade your Sticker Sheets so they will be laminated. This is a game changer because this improves the longevity of your stickers and makes them scratch resistant. You can choose between gloss or matte laminate. 

What to expect from the new line of Sticker Sheets?

✅ More affordable
    Yes, that's right! The new and improved Sticker Sheets will be cheaper so there's need to compromise quality for price. With the new Sticker Sheets, you can get better labels at a cheaper price.
    ✅ Increase durability and protection
      The new sticker sheets are laminated which is available in gloss or matte option. This makes the stickers scratchproof, oil and chemical resistant allowing them for a much larger range of applications. This includes phones, hydroflasks, medical equipment, and more! 
      ✅ Better print quality
        Compared to the old line, the new Sticker Sheets will have improved prints results. The prints are cleaner and crisper which helps with text which is imperative for those labelling purposes.


        We get it! Getting into something new can be scary especially for our customers that love our old Sticker Sheets. If you're still not sure about the new Sticker Sheets or you have any questions, feel free to send us an email via and we´ll be happy to help out as always!  

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