Stickeroo's COVID-19 Update

Update 1st of July, 2020:
Yes, we're open!
In light of the global COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to share the actions we are taking to support the containment of the virus during this crisis.

Stickeroo is still open and operating at the same fast turnaround. We are also taking additional steps to ensure we minimise the spread of the virus and protect our employees, customers, and our community.

  • We are implementing best practice social distancing as recommended by the World Health Organisation and State & Federal Governments of Australia
  • Where possible, staff are encouraged to work remotely.
  • From today, we will put on hold any pick-ups from our office. Don't fret, we still have FREE standard shipping Australia wide on all orders.
  • Our production floorspace is expansive and together with our small team, provides plenty of space.
  • All equipment and high touch-point surfaces are cleaned and sanitised regularly
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers!

NEW: We are trying to minimise human handling where possible to decrease the chance of spread. Sticker Sheets will now have excess vinyl around the stickers for extra protection. This means that we can pump out your sheets faster. 

Our desire is to keep everyone positive and happy. Everyone in Australia is thinking about how to solve this problem, and we will get through it together. So stay strong and let's STICK TOGETHER (metaphorically speaking of course... let's stay 1.5meters apart physically)!!

Stay safe!
Jo L - Founder & Managing Director, Stickeroo

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