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What file formats do you accept?

We accept all file formats. Vector files are preferred as they are more sticker friendly and produce the best results for your stickers. Example of vector files: EPS, AI, PDF, SVG.
For best results, we recommend minimum resolution of 300dpi. Higher resolution means a better print result.
Steps to check your resolution of your artwork:

  • 1.Open your file in Photoshop
  • 2.Remove any unwanted space in the artwork by using the Crop tool.
  • 3.Go to Image, then Image Size (Alt + Ctrl + I or Option + Command + I)
  • 4.Untick ‘Resample’
  • 5.By changing the width and height, the resolution (pixels/inch) will change accordingly. The minimum resolution should be 300 pixels per inch. The associated width and height to the resolution will indicate the print size.

For the best printing results, your artwork should be in CMYK mode.

Do I have to include the cutline in my design?

No, you don't! We will do that for you. We will automatically add a 3mm white border around the artwork. This thickness can be changed but has to be a minimum of 2mm.
This border ensures that your printed material does not get cut off in the production process.
This border doesn’t have to be white. You can have a full bleed sticker which means colour around your sticker rather than white. Just remember to make sure all your printed information is within the safe area.

Can I make my own cutline?

Feel free to indicate the cut line yourself and provide this as a vector file. We recommend doing this with a vector based stroke.
For a better cut result, round the corners to 3mm. Rounder corners also have better adhesion as sharper and thinner corners can catch and lift.

What is the smallest font that you can print?

We can print as small as 4pt font however we wouldn’t recommend anything under 6pt. Be mindful that you still want text to be legible. Why, hello there! This is what font size 6pt looks like.
Remember to convert all fonts to outlines. There are so many available fonts which makes it impossible for us to have all of them. By converting text to outlines, we will then be able to see your font properly.

Steps to convert fonts to outlines:
  • 1. Open file in Illustrator
  • 2. Select all text in the file
  • 3. Select Type, Create Outlines (Shift + Ctrl + O or Shift + Command + O)

How accurately are my stickers cut?

The stickers can have marginal cutting errors of +/-1mm. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy with cutting however constant maintenance and calibration of our hardware ensures tight accuracy.
We recommend leaving a 3mm bleed around the boarder of your design.

Can you print Pantone colours?

At Stickeroo, we print CMYK colours. If requested, we will match Pantone colours to their CMYK equivalent but cannot guarantee exact colour matching. Also, RGB colours are extremely hard to match but we will try our best.
For the best printing results, your artwork should be in CMYK mode.
Please note that colours may vary on different monitors and are slightly different in person.

How many colours can I have in my design?

You can have as many colours in your design as possible. We won't charge you per colour. You can have all the colours and shades of the rainbow in your design and you won't be charged more.

Custom Stickers

Can I stick these stickers outside?

Our stickers can be used indoors and outdoors. The vinyl we use for our stickers have a 5-year outdoor rating. They are UV, water and salt water-resistant. This means that our stickers won’t fade or discolour for a couple of years.
Our stickers also have excellent adhesion to most popular substrates.

Do you have transparent or clear stickers?

We currently print in full colours and can print this onto clear vinyl.

For a custom quote, email us your design, size and quantity you are after and we shall organise a quote for you! Please note that full-colour printing means that we print in CMYK colours which means any white areas in your design will be clear if printed on clear vinyl. We can print with white ink on clear vinyl if requested. Please let us know if you require white ink printing. Also, vector files are required for this process.
If you are placing your Clear Stickers on a light opaque background, you won't need to add extra white to your design. However, if you're wanting to avoid the dark coloured background shining through your sticker, we would recommend adding white ink to your sticker.

Are your stickers dishwasher and fridge safe?

Yes, they are!

Our stickers can be popped in the fridge or freezer as well as dishwasher. Our stickers have even been tested in a baby bottle steriliser. Perfect labels for daycare and kindy!

Do you print with metallic inks?

Currently, we do not print with metallic inks or have foil finished stickers.

Are your stickers glossy?

All our custom die cut stickers have a gloss finish for a superior appearance. We don't add extra finishing options such as lamination or varnish. This means they are uncoated stickers.

If you would like matte stickers, check out our Sticker Sheet range.

What are your stickers made from?

Our custom stickers are made from the highest quality vinyls available. They stick better, feel better and look better. A better-quality vinyl will always produce a better print. We print on vinyl which makes our stickers highly water resistant and waterproof.

Our stickers aren’t too thick, so they are easily applied onto simple curved surfaces – great for labeling those jam jars! They also have excellent adhesion to most substrates: Kraft bags, cardboard takeaway containers, plastic containers, glassware, windows and metal.

How do I remove a sticker?

Carefully lift a corner of the sticker and slowly peel it back, folding the sticker back on itself.

We use high-quality vinyl which means when removing your sticker from metal, glass or plastic, it will leave minimal to no tacky residue.

Can you print on the back of stickers?

We are not able to print on the back of our stickers.

Do you do holographic stickers?

We've just dropped it like it's hot! We have just launched These stickers will be cut as individuals rather than multiplied on a sheet. We have listed the most popular sizes and quantities but if your size and quantity are not listed, email us at for a custom quote. Remember, it is always more cost-efficient to get a larger order!

Go taste the sticker rainbow!

How do I get my photos posted on Stickeroo's social media?

If you would love us to share your product photos and videos, simply email them through to us with your social media account handles so we can make sure to do a proper shout out. We love supporting all businesses, no matter what size as we are trying to build a community to inspire and empower one another. We are more than happy to repost your photos/videos on our social media accounts.

Alternatively, you can tag us on your socials so we can find you and then grab these posts to repost.

Ordering Process

Do I want a Die Cut Sticker Or Kiss Cut Sticker?

Die Cut Stickers and Kiss Cut stickers, when applied to a surface, they look the same. The only difference is how they are presented to you and your customer.
Just like a conservative first date kiss, our blade precisely and gently cuts the top layer of vinyl to create a peel away sticker. The leftover vinyl is the perfect area to print extra promotional material for your brand and designs.
Our Die Cut Stickers give a bit more punch where we chomp through the vinyl and backing. We will customise your sticker shape to best suit your design. Just like wearing a dress, it should really show off your curves!

Will I see my order before it gets processed?

Of course! After ordering your stickers, we will email you a proof to approve before sending it off to production. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for an email from us with your proof within a business day of ordering.
You can request unlimited revisions until you are happy. We aren't happy until you are!

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes we do. If your sticker size isn't there, please email us at Alternatively, you can complete quote form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Currently, the smallest sticker we print is 25mm x 25mm and the largest sticker we can print is 600mm x 600mm.

I haven't received my proof. When can I expect my proof?

We try our very best to email you with your proof of artwork within 24 hours of purchasing your order.
Please ensure your email address is correct during the purchase process.
If you haven't received a proof within 2 business days, please let us know!
Please check your spam/junk folders before contacting us.

What is the best type of sticker for me?

What do you intend to do with the stickers?
Die cut and kiss cut stickers are individual stickers which are perfect for handing out at events, functions and expos.
Sticker sheets and product labels are the way to go if you are needing easier and quicker peel to label those coffee bags, glass jars and tins.
If you want colourful prints on cars, choose bumper stickers.
If you want to decorate a wall, window and even your drink bottle, try our wall/window decal.

Are there any additional/hidden costs?

Of course not! We do not charge additional fees for additional revisions and artwork with extra colours.

How do I order my stickers?

3 Easy Steps:

  • 1. Select the type, size and quantity of your stickers.
  • 2. Upload your artwork and leave any comments.
  • 3. Proceed to Checkout.
You will receive an online proof with 1 business day where you can approve or request for adjustments. Once you have approved the proof, your stickers will be printed and cut and on its way to you!

How many revisions do I have?

We provide unlimited revisions free of charge for your sticker design until you are happy. Once you have accepted the final proof, it is then printed and cut and sent to your door in no time.
We aren't happy until you are!

Can I cancel or edit my order?

Sure can! If we haven't sent your order off to production, you can cancel or change your order. If you would like to cancel your order, please let us know as soon as possible so we can organise a full refund for you. Simply email us your order number you would like to cancel and we will do the rest!
We provide unlimited revisions so you can change your order up to the time you confirm your order for print. Once your order has been sent to the production team, we are unable to pull it back out to make changes. We are constantly trying to fulfil your orders as quickly as possible so once it has progressed to production we are unable to then edit it. If you have any urgent questions about your order, please email us at

Does the quantity refer to the stickers or the sheets?

The quantity listed on our website refers to the number of stickers rather than sheets. This removes ambiguity because we need to know how many stickers you would like to order. All our Sticker Sheet Labels are customised depending on how many stickers and the size of stickers you are after. We will try and place as many stickers on a sheet as possible to be able to fulfil your order.

The only time that the quantity refers to the sheet rather than stickers is for our Custom Sticker Sheets where the end product is the sheet. This is because the Sticker Sheet has multiple designs which are placed in a specific orientation on the sheet.

Can I split the quantity I ordered into multiple designs?

Our prices listed and provided in quotes is the price for each design. If you would like another design, simply select the quantity you are after for that design, upload the design and add it to cart.

Can you help me log in my account please?

When placing an order, you have the option to create your account with us. If you haven't done this with your previous order, an account won't be created. If you'd like us to check whether you have an account or not, feel free to send us an email so we can have a look for you.
If you don't have an account with us yet and would like one, let us know and we will email you an invitation link so you can activate your account with us for easier reordering next time and so you can view your previous orders.

Do you charge for more colours?

We definitely do not charge for more colours.

Returns Policy

What is your Return & Exchange Policy?

We love our stickers and want you to as well! We always try our best to print and cut our stickers with great precision but we are humans. This means things can go wrong, hardly ever, but they can! If you have an issue with your order, please contact us at We offer a full 100% refund or replacement on any order which is defective or where we have made an error. Sticky Tip! Here are a few things to check before confirming your proof for print:

  • 1. Have I chosen the correct product type, size and quantity?
  • 2. Is my artwork at a high resolution for a better quality print?
  • 3. Are these colours matched as close as possible to the colours I want?
  • 4. Is the spelling correct? Is the grammar correct?
  • 5. Is my sticker correctly positioned for cutting?
  • Change of Mind

    All our prints are custom and printed on demand which means we are unable to offer exchanges or refunds due to change of mind.


How long until I get my order?

Once you have approved your artwork, orders are processed and sent to production. Production time for stickers usually takes 3-5 business days for runs less than 1000 stickers.
For larger print runs (over 1000 stickers), additional production time may be required. Please check with our Sales team before you place this order to clarify the timeframe involved, especially if you have a deadline to meet!
Because we are a local business, we support and use Australia Post for our deliveries.
Standard delivery (untracked) then takes: severely impacted by COVID-19

  • . 1-5 business days to metro areas within Victoria
  • . 2-7 business days delivery within Metro areas in Australia
  • . 3-9 business days for Country/Rural/Remote Areas

Express Post (tracked and most recommended) usually takes: severely impacted by COVID-19 . 1-2 business days to any address within the Australia Post Express Post Network . 2-5 business days delivery if you are outside the Express Post Network Feel free to jump onto the Australia Post website to calculate delivery times to your area from Ferntree Gully, 3156.
Please note that Australia Post's delivery times have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

How are my orders shipped?

Orders are shipped with Australia Post of course because your stickers are made in Australia!
Stickeroo works with Australia Post to deliver your orders reliably and efficiently. We provide FREE shipping for orders!

I need stickers urgently! Do you offer Rushed Order?

Yes we do! A Rush Order expedites your order by guaranteeing a 2 business day production time before it gets sent out via Australia Post. This starts from the time you approve your final proof to print as well as paid your invoice. A Rush Order Fee applies.
Contact us directly via email at for a quote. Provide us with as much detail as possible, including any deadlines you may have. Please cater for Australia Post's delivery times as this will often change and we cannot guarantee their times.

How is my order sent?

All orders are sent with a handwritten thank you note from Stickeroo. We handwrite every single card for each order. We then place the orders into Stickeroo branded rigid envelopes. We had these custom made with rigid cardboard to help protect the stickers. These envelopes also have "Do Not Bend" printed on the front so that the postie does not bend them during transport. We can't guarantee that the postie won't bend our envelopes but we do what we can to tell them not to!

Why hasn't my tracking status updated?

We will email you as soon as we pack your order and send it off with Australia Post. This means that your order has been picked up by the postie and the tracking number will update as soon as Australia Post scans your order.

For all express post orders, your tracking number usually updates within 24 hours of receiving the tracking number. This is usually because Australia Post needs a few hours to update its system. This means when you receive a notification that your order is on its way, details of the tracking number will update soon after. It doesn't mean that your order is lost if the tracking number in the system is unable to be found. Give it 12-24 hours from the notification until you try again with Australia Post. If in doubt, feel free to contact us!

Can I change my shipping address?

Yes! You can update your shipping address before it goes into production. Simply send us an email with the updated address and your order number and we will change it for you. Please include your unit/apartment number if you have one!

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