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Why Stickers?

Everyone loves stickers – from the one-year old who enjoys putting cartoon stickers on walls to the 35-year-old adult who has to label everyone’s mug with the family dog’s photo because who says you can’t?

Stickeroo provides the opportunity to promote your business or to simply express yourself in a fun, and sticky way. Do you sell online? Slap on a sticker of your logo so everyone will know it’s from your business. Do you have a planner you want filled with stickers? Grab some clip arts or design your own, and make your journal even more unique. You won’t find a planner like yours ever again. 

The best thing is that the stickers are entirely customizable from the design down to size. Whether you want to have a logo, an image, or simply a name or phrase printed, Stickeroo will give exactly what you need for your brand or your personal items.

We have stickers of different shapes: circle, oval, square, rectangle or even custom-shaped ones called die cut. We also have different types such as labels, bumper stickers, kiss cut, and decals which is best for sticking images or phrases on windows or walls.

Choose whichever size suits you. Stickeroo does have standard sizes but you are free to specify your desired dimensions. So if you must absolutely stick a photo of your hamster on all of your pens, we’ll make it possible.

So, if you already have a design in mind, contact us today. Talk to us about your recent projects, and even about the future ones! Are you going to DIY the loot bags on your child’s birthday party? Or perhaps you want to label your meal prep containers to make sure you’re not eating your next day dinner? 

Whatever the purpose is, you want your stickers to not only be tough but beautiful as well. Good stickers must withstand cracking, and peeling for a long time especially if you are using them for business. Stickers are not only for the fun of it but are important when it comes to labelling. Stickeroo understands that clearly. Our stickers are safe even in freezers – there’s no reason to endure bad quality when you can have the best.

Get started now by choosing which sticker type you want, then just fill out the form – as easy as that. Our website makes it even easier to place your orders; be as detailed as you want and rest assured, you will be up and about with your stickers in no time. We won’t print anything you don’t approve of, so sleep easy tonight.

If you want to have a little sticker chat with Stickeroo, visit the Help Centre and tap on the Contact tab to send us a message. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions section that you might want to visit if you’re a little lost. You should be able to find information about the designs you can send in, the whole ordering process, shipping, and returns there.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to be an artist to have your own stickers printed. And they are most certainly not for businesses only. If you are a fan of cute things, you need them. If you need a professional representation of your business on products or packaging, you need them.


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