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How are we being sustainable and eco-friendly?

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We’re all looking to find ways to lessen our impact on the environment. Every type of businesses will face some form of challenge in becoming sustainable and eco-friendly. Here are the practices we’re currently employing: 

  • Our stickers are printed with eco-solvent ink with UL GreenGuard Gold rating.
  • We recycle our ink pouches that get stripped down and get turned into magnets.
  • Every core is repurposed and donated to other businesses. 
  • We minimise wastage by optimising how we nest jobs on the media.
  • Consolidate multiple orders to reduce unnecessary emissions from multiple deliveries.

Eco-solvent ink

Our stickers are printed with eco-solvent ink popped in reusable cartridges. They are slid into a hidden ink bay so there’s a clean ink operation for less waste. The ink is odourless so there’s no special ventilation required. Because of this, the ink has been certified by the UL GREENGUARD program with Gold rating. 



Dealing with the waste materials has been one of the few challenges we faced during our early days. Our printers go through a lot of ink to print at least tens of thousands of stickers a day. To deal with the empty pouches, we recycle them so they can have another life as magnets.


We only ever use premium grade vinyl stock for our stickers. Same with the ink, the core of each vinyl roll doesn't end up in the dumpsters. Instead, they are repurposed and donated to local businesses who need them to save them from ordering new materials. They are great to upcycle as packaging tubes for wider stickers as well. It's an exceptional way to reduce our waste and help the community.

Proud Women Ride Proud bumper stickers

Minimise wastage

We minimise vinyl waste by ensuring jobs are nested efficiently. This means we’re coupling batches of prints together as much as possible rather than printing one-offs every time. We do accommodate requests for one-off print of stickers but we ensure to find a way it’s nested with other jobs.

When organising proofs for Sticker Sheets, we also ensure there’s minimal yet considerable amount of space between each sticker. Also, we ensure to print as many stickers on the sheet to limit the operation time of our printers to consume less energy.

The unlimited revisions we offer on proofs also minimise error in printing to avoid reprinting which causes materials, extra labour, and time. It’s a win for us and our customers as well!

Consolidating orders

When dealing with multiple orders, we see to it that orders are printed and dispatched together if they are going to the same address. With that in mind, we also encourage our customers to pop their orders together. This allows for fewer packaging elements and less amount of emissions from multiple deliveries. 

We can all aim to grow while being mindful of our everyday impact on our planet. We’re always open to discuss if you have any suggestions or requests. You can email us any time at!

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