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How to order custom stickers?

  • 3 min read

It's now easier than ever to order custom stickers in Australia!

Here at Stickeroo, we've made it simple to find the perfect sticker or labels. Whether you’re ordering stickers for your next public event or you want to add some personality to your products, custom stickers are a fun and cost-effective way to make a lasting impression. This blog post will cover everything you need to know about custom stickers, including choosing between individual stickers vs sticker sheets, which shapes suit your design and how easy it is to upload a design and order online.

1. Choose between Individual Stickers or Sticker Sheets

The first choice you'll make is whether you need custom individual stickers or stickers on sheets.

Individual stickers, also known as 'die-cut singles', are all cut out individually and delivered to you, packed in stacks. Individual stickers are the most popular option when you need to hand out stickers to staff, customers and fans. Our individual stickers are available in any shape you like, from the most common circle and squares to custom die-cut shapes made just for your design.

The Sticker Sheet options are custom stickers that are 'ganged' onto sheets. As many stickers as possible are printed and 'cut' onto the sheets. Because we eliminate the complete individual cutting of each sticker, sheets are more efficient to produce and hence a more economical option than individual stickers.

With Sticker Sheets, you can still design and create custom shapes and sizes as individual stickers.

2. Choose your sticker shape

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to your custom sticker shape. Thanks to Stickeroo's cutting edge print and die-cut technology, just about any design can be translated to a custom die-cut shape. All you have to do is upload an appropriate design, and the Stickeroo team will do the rest. You get a free proof to confirm the design and shape before the stickers are printed.

The most popular option is the die-cut shape. Here, a custom cut contour is made from the design you submit.

Other classic shapes are readily available too.

Circles stickers - Great for product labels and designs that suit a circle shape. Stickeroo can do both Circles and Ovals in just about any size!

Square stickers - Square and rectangles are popular for classic designs and logos. They are often used as laptop stickers, bumper stickers and marketing. Stickeroo adds a small curved corner to most Square/Rectangle stickers, as this helps with the longevity of the stickers and makes for a cleaner appearance.

3. Seamless ordering - Upload your design, select your Size & Quantity. 

The final step is simply uploading your design on the product page and selecting the size and quantity you are after.

Stickeroo's minimum quantities start from an industry-leading low of just 10! Our low minimums fit the bill if you're not quite ready for a large run or want to test out a few sample designs.

Of course, the more your order, the more you save per unit. Order up to 1000 stickers online, if you need more, you can always request a custom sticker quote, and our team will organise the best deal around.

Final Thoughts 

Remember that custom stickers are a fun and cost-effective way to make a lasting impression. Gone are the days of long back and forth via email, complicated design templates and requirements. Stickeroo's makes custom sticker printing easy with tried and true sticker solutions.

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