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How to Use Kiss Cut Stickers for Branding?

  • 2 min read

Stickers come in different types and shapes, and each of them is great for different applications. Sticker Sheet Labels to label items, individual Die Cut Stickers to share around and more! One of the most underrated stickers would potentially be the Kiss Cut Stickers. 



How are Die Cut Stickers different from Kiss Cut Stickers? Die Cut Stickers are cut all the way to the backing so the stickers will be contoured to the artwork’s shapes. 

Kiss Cut Stickers are cut on the vinyl layer only and the backing is left intact. There is the peel away sticker in the middle and then the extra bit of backing left once the middle sticker is gone. The excess vinyl helps make the peeling easier and protects the sticker from creases during transit. That's also extra real estate to get creative with your sticker branding!

Kiss Cut Stickers are great for giveaways, package inserts, and for sticker exchange. 

Check out some more fun ideas to on how to boost your branding with Kiss Cut Stickers:

  • Plug your website
  • Promote your socials
  • Share your store information
  • Write custom notes


Plug your website

With all things online, you will need every traffic you can get out there. Kiss Cut Stickers are perfect to get your customers familiar with your website.

Your vibrant logo will be printed on the peel away sticker as the star of the show. You can boost your website traffic by popping your link on to the excess vinyl.

Promote your socials

Social media provides a bird's-eye view of what you can offer. It’s a quick way of introducing your business and connecting with your customers. 

Other than your website, you can pop your socials tag in the border of your Kiss Cut Stickers. This encourages new followers to start engaging with you. It’s unimaginable how far you can take your brand with a simple tag!

Share your store information

Always leave something for your customers to remember you by. With Kiss Cut Stickers, you can print some quick pointers of your offerings. It’s an effective way to build loyalty and lasting relationships with your customers.  

Write custom notes

Kiss Cut Stickers are printed on premium vinyl that can be written on. This allows you to add a personal touch to your sticker packaging inserts and giveaways with handwritten notes. The extra layer of vinyl is enough space to express appreciation or simple well wishes to your customers. 

You can also add in reminders for recurring services like plumbing, air conditioning, car maintenance and more. 

Did you know you can add more stickers in one sheet? If you didn’t, check out ourCustom Sticker Sheets page to learn more!

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