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New Feature: Laminate on stickers!

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We heard your call and heeded! You can now get your stickers printed with laminate finish. Laminate finish adds an extra protection on your stickers making them 10 times more durable and longer lasting. 


Custom shape stickers for @cordszn.

What is a laminate? 

Laminate is a thin layer of protective material that is applied across different kinds of surface. Now, you can get them on your stickers as well. This will be available in either matte or gloss laminate options. The purpose is to shield your artwork from any external elements and make your stickers last longer in any type of application. All that without compromising the quality of the print. 


You ever want to customise your water flask or phone with cute stickers but find that the print fades over-time? In some cases, the stickers will slowly chip and dissolve due to consistent contact. There are also some stickers that are just not strong enough to withstand the dishwasher.


This is where laminate finish can help you. Some use cases could really use the additional safeguard that laminate finish can offer.

Tumbler stickers for Zoe.

How can laminated stickers help you?

From casual stickers to business, there is a great value in investing on laminated stickers. Majority of the people that had requested laminate finish on stickers are casual sticker enjoyers. If you’re one to swap or gift stickers with friends and pop them on personal items, you would definitely benefit from getting your stickers with laminate. Personal, everyday items are constantly in contact with our hands. With that in mind, the stickers can and will be damaged not just by frequent scratching but by also coming in contact with the oils in our hands or even alcohol or hand sanitiser. A lot of factors can really affect the longevity of a sticker. 


Circle stickers for Punt Hotel.

In the business landscape, there will be company assets required to be tagged for identification, instructions, or for security. The cheapest way to do so is using stickers. However, if you expect the equipment or asset to be in a busy environment, regular stickers might just not cut it. 


Spending a little more on laminated stickers can actually save on costs from having to frequently replace stickers. The tougher and more resilient laminated stickers will definitely have a longer-lasting application compared to regular stickers.    


Laminated stickers will be much more excellent at withstanding chemicals, oil and scratching. Stickers and labels with laminate are 100% a game changer whatever scene you might be in-- health, food, skin care products and many more. 

Why choose our stickers?

You might have heard this before but I’ll say it again– our stickers are printed on premium outdoor grade vinyl material only. Even without laminate, they can last up to 3 years outdoors. This is because the vinyl is already waterproof and weather resistant.


Additionally, the vinyl used on most of our products will have an air-release technology. Because we use air release vinyl, the laminated stickers are surely bubble-free. 


Other printers might use cheap vinyl and laminate them as a way of making their stickers last longer. With Stickeroo, you’re getting high quality vinyl plus laminate to get the superior stickers and labels to match your brand.

Stickers for Jack, Maddie, Nikita, and Angus

What stickers will be available with laminate finish?

What does this mean for regular stickers without laminate? Don’t worry! We are still offering unlaminated stickers, so you won’t have to spend more if you’re already happy with the stickers without laminate.

Can't find the stickers you're after? You can request a free custom quote here: Free Custom Sticker & Label Quotes from Stickeroo

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