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What's the difference between a Kiss Cut and a Die Cut sticker?

  • 1 min read

Die Cut Stickers are stickers that are cut exactly to the same shape of the sticker. This means that once you peel off the sticker, there is no extra sticker material left on the backing. 

Did you know that Kiss Cut stickers are easier to peel off than Die Cut stickers? Why?

A Kiss Cut Sticker is a piece of vinyl with the sticker cut out of it. When you peel off the sticker, there is left over sticker vinyl. This means that you can hold on to that excess vinyl which creates a border around the sticker while you peel off the sticker. This makes a Kiss Cut sticker easier to peel whereas there is no excess to hold onto with a Die Cut Sticker.

So, which is better? Depending on what you are using the stickers for, some people prefer Die Cuts because their design and artwork stands out more. Some people prefer Kiss Cuts, so that their customers can peel them off easier and stick them faster. Businesses might also decide to add extra promotional material on that excess vinyl. 

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