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Why you need Laminated stickers

  • 3 min read
Just in - Laminated stickers are finally here! Stickers and labels are a great addition to almost anything for various purposes. Whether it is a project, event or to personalise the products for your business we have it covered. Check out our new laminated finish for all your sticker needs. 
The laminated finish will take your stickers to the next level. These stickers have an extra layer of protection to seal your design, making it tougher and more resilient than most stickers. This protection gives your sticker 10 times more durability and longevity so you won't have to worry about your stickers getting damaged easily. A bonus with the laminated protective film is it won’t compromise your design, your stickers will stay bright, vibrant, and fun with a little extra protection!
Shielded from the elements
At Stickeroo we take pride in printing stickers and labels with the best vinyl materials so that you always have the best quality stickers that are here to last. Our stickers are already waterproof and weather resistant as we only print our stickers on premium outdoor grade vinyl. Our regular stickers can last up to 3 years outdoors! 
Adding the laminated material to your stickers will only exceed your expectations further. Our laminated vinyl was designed to shield your artwork from external elements, taking on the challenge of the outdoors. Rain, hail, or shine your stickers will always look new, making it the best protection for outdoor applications. You won’t have to worry about the colour of your stickers fading over time or losing its shine with the laminated film.
Protected from everyday wear
If you’re a sticker collector we see you! Stickers were made for fun and we know you love to personalise your phones, laptops, notebooks, bottles and so much more. With our laminated stickers, the extra protection seals your design, not only from the outdoor elements but also from everyday wear. Many factors can affect the longevity of your sticker. Handing your personal items every day is no different. Over time your stickers can get scratched, slowly chip, oils from your hands and hand sanitiser can also affect the condition of your stickers. 
Our laminated stickers are the perfect fix to combat all these issues! With all the girlies on their emotional support water bottle journey, what better way to customise your bottles with unique stickers. The protective film from our laminate will shield your sticker from water, constant contact with your hands and any accidental hits or scratches. Let’s not forget your laminated stickers are tough enough to take on the dishwasher. By spending a little more for 10 times more protection it seems like a no brainer to upgrade your stickers for extra resilience and longevity.
Laminate options
If the choice wasn’t hard enough, our laminated stickers also come in both gloss and matte finishes. So you can enjoy the extra protection without compromising the style you love! Both finishes keep up with the quality of your designs when printed on our premium vinyl.
Our gloss laminate will not only protect your artwork but will lock in the shine. Our high quality vinyl will highlight the vibrant colours in your design with an eye-catching reflective glossy finish. The striking colours will show off your design, giving your sticker a sleek and sharp look!
If you are after stickers that are softer in appearance, our matte stickers will be the way to go! Our laminate will shield your stickers from any scratches or damage that would affect its matte finish. Giving a more formal tone, these stickers complement the product rather than pull your attention towards your stickers. 
Designed with functionality in mind, the thin layer of protection of the laminated finish will give your stickers the extra strength to tackle everyday wear. Whether that be from constant contact or challenged by external environmental elements. These stickers were made to withstand chemicals, oils and scratches to always look as good as new. No matter the purpose of your stickers laminated stickers are a great option to consider when placing your next order. Don’t forget to check out all ourdifferent vinyl finishes to see which suits your project best!

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