Custom KISS Cut Stickers - Shaped just for your brand and design
Custom Kiss Cut Sticker great for handing out
Give out custom kiss cut stickers to make your brand memorable
Custom Stickers with unique shares just for your brand
Your custom shaped stickers printed on vinyl and cut as individuals which are great to hand out!
Custom Kiss Cut Sticker Printing made easy

Kiss Cut Stickers

Regular price $22.00

Custom Kiss Cut Stickers are the perfect way to supercharge your brand, event or product.

Kiss cut stickers have an extra border around the sticker compared to the Die Cut stickers which provide extra protection. They are easier and quicker to peel away from the vinyl backing. This means you can stick them on faster and spread the sticker fun! If you would like multiple stickers on a sheet, have a look at our Sticker Labels.

  • The sizes listed include the excess vinyl surrounding the peel-away sticker
  • 1 peel-away sticker per Kiss Cut Sticker
  • Peel-away sticker is a solid piece of vinyl with no cutouts

Kiss Cut Stickers also known as Peel Away Stickers


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