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Benefits of Working With a Local Printer For Your Stickers

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Debating whether to source stickers locally or overseas? Here’s why local printers are the best for your business:

  • Premium quality stickers
  • Faster and cheaper delivery
  • Reliable customer service and support
  • Easy to repeat orders 
  • Build long-term relationship

    Premium Quality Stickers

    With local printers, you can ensure that your stickers are printed on high quality vinyl, inks and top of the line printing machines. 

    At Stickeroo, we print on premium Avery branded vinyl that can last up to 3 years outdoors. Our standard stickers are waterproof and weather resistant 

    Faster Processing and Cheaper Delivery

    We strive to streamline the process of sticker printing from popping theorder, organising the artwork proof until the printing stage. With effective communication, we can send the order to production within 12 to 24 hours after this is placed. 

    Production time can take 3-5 business days normally but we always work hard to get our orders out as early as possible. 

    And since we post from Melbourne, delivery time is much faster compared to stickers coming from abroad. We also offer pick up options for selected orders.

    For more urgent projects, you can place a Rush Order which guarantees a maximum of 2 business day processing time. Email us at to inquire!

    Reliable Customer Service and Support

    Communication with a local supplier makes every job 100% easier. We make sure we understand what you’re after and make those sticker dreams a reality. 

    Nothing is lost in translation which means there is less back and forths trying to get your message across to customer service teams where English is not the first language. We’ve got you!

    For any concerns about printing your stickers, our support team is ready to assist. We are just one email away from finding the best sticker solution for you and your business.

    Easy to Repeat Orders

    It’s more convenient to order with local suppliers and repeat orders are also painless. When it’s time to replenish your stock of stickers, there’s a handy Reorder button in your account. You can also simply email us and we’ll reprint the previous order for you.


    Build Long-Term Relationship

    A long-term relationship with a local printer is one of the greatest assets you can acquire for your business. A printing company that knows your specific needs from small runs up to bulk orders is invaluable. 


    Have you been using local services for your business needs? How else do you think sourcing locally can help you as a business and as an individual? Feel free to comment below or send us an email so we can chat about how we can improve your printing experience!

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