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Boosting Brand Awareness With Stickers: Strategies That Work

  • 2 min read

Everyone has to find a starting point on how to grow the business. You’ll find a bunch of hacks, tips, and all that jazz online. It all comes down to something as simple as introducing yourself and making a great and lasting impression. 

The basics of course include branding your product with stickers and labels. Here are some other of the tried and tested strategies that work:

Design with impact

For maximum effectiveness, you want to use designs that are impressive and leave a mark on the mind. Some go for something simple or inspirational, while others go for something shocking. When designing, imagine something that you would want to see in your day to day life. You'd want something that leaves a good or warm feeling, or even just something different.

No matter what your theme is, always remember to be bold. Use thick fonts and colourful graphics where possible. 

Of course, not all designs have to be super blown up to be effective. Sometimes, less is more. You might want to try something more subtle and intriguing to get people asking you what your sticker is about.

It's always best to explore what style works for you and your brand's message. The joy of custom stickers is that there's no limit except your imagination.  

Did you know there's a bunch of websites online that provide free eye-catching graphics, icons and fonts? Here's some examples below:

Whether you're a creative or newbie in designing, there's unlimited inspirations you can find online. Jump to our Customer Gallery to see what our previous patrons have been printing!

Strategic placement

After printing the best sticker design, you must also consider what's the best place to pop them. You want your stickers to be visible as much as possible. With that in mind you want your stickers in places with a lot of foot traffic. Also, locations where a lot of people stagger around.

You might also want your stickers mobile as well so they're visible everywhere. This is where car and other vehicular stickers work best.

With hundreds of people seeing your logo and brand name along with the services you offer on the daily, it's only a matter of time until your brand becomes a staple in every home in your town and more! 

Join sticker trades and community events

Collaboration is definitely an amazing and underrated method when it comes to marketing. 

This helps build trust and a long lasting relationship with people in your business community. You can start by joining events to find more like minded people in your circle and give away your custom made stickers. You can also join sticker exchanges online or in socials like Instagram or Facebook groups.

This is a fun way to boost your network and get to promote awareness of your brand!


How are you using custom stickers to push your business to the next level? We want to hear from you so reach out to us at!

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