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Build your brand (and impress your customers!) through custom stickers & packaging

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It's 2022, and eCommerce has taken off thanks to more than two years of lockdowns and restrictions, forever changing the shopping landscape in Australia.

Here's why custom stickers and packaging is so vital for brand building and marketing. Learn how to use custom stickers & labels to elevate your customer experience, just like some of the brands featured here!

The Australian eCommerce market is now the 11th largest online retail market globally, according to Auspost (source). Go Aussies! With more and more brands (and your competitors) jumping online, it's getting harder to differentiate yourself from the pack. The whole customer journey needs to be thought out, from the UX on your website to the shipping methods, and ultimately, your product and how it's presented.

3 Reasons Custom Stickers are crucial to brand building

 1. Stickers help with brand recognition

The Red and White Auspost satchels are no synonymous with online shopping. If you're a brand that uses these solely for packaging, you're losing brand recognition to Auspost!

Your packaging is often the first opportunity and tangible experience between your customers and your brand. When your customer picks up your parcel, this is the first time they see, experience and feel your brand ID.

That's why having packaging that showcases, at the very least, your brand's logo is so vital in leaving a deep, long-lasting impression.

Custom packaging doesn't need to be complicated sometimes; the simplest with the most impact is a beautiful white card mailer with a custom die-cut sticker representing your brands' logo, name and colours.

A great and cost-effective to launch your new products, whilst solidifying your brand recognition. A custom die-cut sticker is cut to your brand/logos shape, giving it a unique, premium touch. We love Emma's simple, but the artistic design on her packaging.

"Fantastic service & very cost-effective. Very very happy" - Emma

Sticker on packaging

2. Custom Packaging & Stickers signals your values

Wrapping your products in custom packaging with stickers & labels help signal specific positive values in your brand. Rather than a generic mailer, customers see the care and thought that your business puts into packaging and delivering your goods to them.

Anita uses creative, full-colour stickers for her lovely tea packaging at AniTea. With low minimum orders, and local printing, she can easily whip up new stickers to suit her ever growing tea range.

"I love my stickers created for my new venture in tea - making some Christmas Tea Packs up. Bright, colourful, true to size and delivered nice and quick too!"

Custom stickers for Anitea Tea company packaging

3. Let your customers become your brand advocate!

Want to take it one step further? Throw in some custom die-cut stickers for your customers, an easy way to value-add, build brand loyalty and let your customers become your brand advocate....all for a few cents each!

You never know where your stickers might end up. We've seen client stickers everywhere from laptops, guitar cases, bathroom walls and every vehicle in existence. Wherever they end up, they'll be guaranteed ways to get eyeballs on your brand. Cheyenne's die-cut stickers are shown here on the rear of a car, like a unique bumper sticker!

"Absolutely love the quality! The design came out really well would definitely order from you guys again thank you!" - Cheyenne P


Custom Stickers for Cars


Ready to take your packaging and mailers to the next level?

It's easy with Stickeroo. We offer a wide range of custom stickers for all purposes. See our individual custom stickers, which are great for pack-ins, gifts and customer loyalty. Or, for cost-effective stickers & labels for packaging, our Sticker Sheet Labels. We can even help with sticker printing for Etsy stores and sellers.


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