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Choosing the Right Materials for Your Custom Stickers: A Comprehensive Guide

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Image shows a banner with a light cyan background. On the top-left are pictures of matte labels for the Bumble Collective. At the bottom is an image of a candle jar with gloss labels for Lumiere. On the right, is a bold text with the words"Choosing the right materials for your custom stickers."

Stickers come in different shapes, sizes and types of vinyl or material. All of them work great and viable for any project you may have. If you’re looking to label products for your business, or just after fun stickers to hand out for your next event. 

The two most prominent types of vinyl that most of our longtime customers probably know about are the matte and gloss vinyl.

Both are made of premium quality vinyl that work amazingly for both outdoor and indoor application. So, how do you know which one to choose? Find out more below!



When should you pick Gloss Stickers?

You can see a bunch of gloss stickers above from our lovely customers. As you can see, these are printed on smooth and reflective vinyl. Stickers printed on glossy material will have this sheen that makes the colours pop more. It gives a prominent impression of more vibrant colours on the stickers making them look nice and slick. 

Stickers printed on glossy vinyl are great for artists who would want the colours of their artwork to really stand out. 

This makes the gloss stickers perfect for display stickers including product labels, storefront window decals, promotional stickers, packaging labels, laptop stickers, bumper stickers and so much more.


When are Matte Stickers the better choice?

As opposed to the bold gloss stickers, matte stickers are more subtle and muted in appearance. Matte stickers won’t have that shiny and reflective glow, but their delicate and soft look is just as striking. 

The flat look of the matte stickers will evoke a more professional and formal tone to your artwork. If you want to make your labels more lowkey and allow your product to shine more, matte stickers are for you.

Matte vinyl is the best choice for wedding stickers, advisory stickers, signages, wall decals, business stickers and anything executive really. If you’re looking to photograph your products for social media or display photos, matte labels are your best friends as they won’t have a glare like the gloss stickers. 

Same same, but different

Both gloss and matte vinyl are white and have the same thickness. They both use permanent adhesive but they don’t leave a tacky residue when peeled off. These two have the same durability when it comes to longevity as well. 

Did you also know that matte and gloss vinyl are available for selected individual die cut stickers, Roll Labels, and Sticker Sheet options?

The main difference between these two are how they interact with light and affect how they look in general.

The listed applications above are all merely suggestions based on what our customers commonly do. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preference and what works for YOU. When it comes to sticker making, only you and your creativity are the boss!

Looking for something a little different? Have a peep at our Holographic Stickers, Clear Stickers, and our Window Cling Stickers which work like magic as they don’t use adhesives. How cool is that?

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