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How to Personalise Your Car with Stickers?

  • 2 min read

Something a little different today! We were inspired once again by our awesome customers who have been printing stickers to personalise their vehicles. You don’t need an expensive paint job or pricey rims on your wheels. Our stickers could be just the trick. Allow us to inspire YOU with a couple of fun ideas!

Find the perfect spot

Our biggest advice would be to think about where you want to place the sticker. If it’s on the metal or body of the car, you could design anything you want. If you’re aiming for the window or glass placement, we suggest using our Clear Stickers with white ink underprint

Like Clear Stickers, our Transfer Stickers offers the option of stickers without a background. These types of stickers work best for cool letterings and minimalistic logo designs. 

Here’s an example of a decal we made for a customer:

Get creative

What to print for your sticker? Of course, the obvious one is to print a sticker of your business logo. Boost your visibility with custom Bumper Stickers that you can pop anywhere on your car. Our stickers are printed on outdoor grade material that can withstand the elements for longer lasting application. 

If you don’t have a business, you could simply create a sticker of a meaningful quote or a sports team that you support. You can also just be simply creative and draw giggles from other motorists with witty stickers. Check out our wonderful customers’ work below.

This is your chance to print something that represents you. Your fave symbol, band or another brand that you support. The options are endless. Most important is a chance here to broadcast in your own way, your point of view!

Design your stickers

Have a sketch ready but not sure where to do the finishing touches? Some of our resourceful customers run to Microsoft Word and even Excel to whip up simple designs. This work wonders but there are more tools available online. 

One of them is  Canva, a free and easy to use designing tool to bring your design to life. This allows for easy sharing and saving of the artwork into various formats like PNG, or even PDF.

Here are some other available designing apps available online:

Almost all of these apps offer visual elements, a wide variety of fonts, and templates for free. All these to help you finalise your artwork with ease even if you’re not a professional designer.

If you’re looking for inspiration yourself, have a look at our Customer Gallery and get a load of our creative customers’ stickers. We’re excited to see yours on the board!

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