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Sticker Strategies for Building Customer Loyalty

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Sticker strategies for building customer loyalty

As a small business, one of our goals is to be able to provide reliable, quality service and offer massive value to the community. In turn, the community naturally becomes your loyal customers. 

In combination with traditional strategies, custom stickers are effective in building meaningful connection and trust between you and your customers. Here’s how you can start:

  • Personalise the experience with custom stickers
  • Consider collaboration and cross promoting with stickers 
  • Create buzz with sticker swag and giveaways
  • Print service reminder stickers

Personalise the Experience with Custom Stickers 

Pop your brand stickers across your products, mailers, or finished services. This reinforces your brand’s recognition and improves your authority in your niche. 

You can also personalise your customers’ experiences with handwritten notes on the sticker labels. Sticker Sheet Labels are the perfect stickers for the job. 

Consider Collaboration and Cross Promoting with Stickers 

Partner with like-minded businesses for a win-win strategy to foster customer loyalty. Create joint sticker packs, or combine brands into the design. You could grow your customer base and add value this way.

Sticker exchanges are also perfect to connect with your industry besties. You won’t only exchange stickers but expertise and knowledge with the people in your trade.

 Create Buzz with Sticker Swag and Giveaways

This will help to always draw your customers back to your business. Encourage them to also display your stickers proudly on their belongings and show them off and incentivise them to share on social media.

Bumper Stickers and Custom Die Cut Stickers appeal the most to our customers as they are easy to hand out and apply. They look great on most surfaces too!

Print Service Reminder Stickers

If you work in industries like plumbing, car maintenance, HVAC, and other recurring services. You can print a sticker reminding your customer when the last and next date for their service is. If they see your name and contact details, you would be the first company they’ll reach out to the next time they get in trouble.

This is a nice after-service gesture for your customers that also brings you a lot of returning customers and helps build your reputation overtime. 




Stickers can bring your brand’s legitimacy to the next level. Using stickers as giveaways and reminders are also great techniques to further maximise your value to your customers. 

Loyal customers truly are one of the greatest assets a successful business should have. We should know as we have tons of them! Hear more from them from our Customer Gallery and Google Reviews.

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