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The 3 Most Popular Options For Laptop Stickers & Startup Branding

  • 2 min read

Few images evoke the startup vibe of a sticker-covered laptop. Popular since the start of the laptop and tablet revolution, laptops covered with stickers & labels are seen from high schoolers to budding entrepreneurs at co-working spaces, to the highest-profile entrepreneurs in silicon valley.

What makes stickers such a classic marketing tool for brands reaching out to their followers? Stickers are seen as one of the easiest ways to express one's personality, loyalty, and support for brands or causes dear to their heart.

Here at Stickeroo, we're constantly asked for the best stickers that will help brands with their customers and fans. Here are our three most common options for laptop stickers.

 1. Custom Die Cut Stickers

With the ability to print full-colour custom stickers, and die-cut to ANY shape and size, it's no wonder the custom die-cut sticker reigns supreme for promotional merch.

2. Kiss Cut Stickers

Much like the die-cut stickers, brands can design full-colour stickers in any custom shape. KISS cut stickers however are delivered with a border, typically square, which allows some interesting promotional designs to be achieved.

The added bonus of the border is extra protection, great when you're handing our stickers in a gift bag or pack.

 3. Holographic Stickers

Who doesn't love a retro flashback! For those really looking to stand out. Full-colour designs printed onto 3D rainbow effect holo material. Absolutely a perfect match with the techy nature of laptops and tablets.

Our holographic stickers are new but have an old-school vibe. Already one of our most popular stickers, they evoke old-school sentimentality amongst many customers, or simply look stunning!

With more and more people working from home and remotely, we're seeing a huge uptake in laptops, tablets and devices. All these are screaming out for your brand's stickers! Let your followers do the marketing for you today!

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