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Top 5 Myths Debunked about Stickers

  • 3 min read

Historians believe that stickers have been around since the ancient Egyptian era. There were residues of papers found on ancient market walls which were believed to be displayed for the price of goods. If stickers have been around for so long, why are some peeps still hesitant to use them for their business?

Apparently, there are some misconceptions about them that this blog aims to refute. Some of them includes the following:

  • Stickers are just for kids
  • Stickers are expensive and short lived
  • Stickers are not professional
  • Stickers are just decorative
  • Stickers are limited to local use

Stickers are just for kids

Yes, it’s true that stickers are fun to make and use. It speaks of creativity and is very pleasing to the eyes. That being said, it does not only benefit the kids, adults too! 

Stickers have evolved beyond just kids’ play. They’re powerful marketing tools used by businesses to enhance branding, engagement, and customer loyalty.

Stickers are expensive and short-lived

Sticker printing has become cost-effective, especially when you order in bigger quantities. They also offer high ROI due to their ability to promote brand visibility and recognition. The key is to know where to look for impeccable quality stickers at an affordable price.

Take Stickeroo for instance, we have a bunch of options, and you can get a quote for free! We print only on the top-notch vinyl brand to ensure the stickers will withstand external elements to last longer. Compared to other materials like paper or cheaper vinyl, our stickers are some of the best value options you can find in the market today.   


Stickers are not professional

Well-designed stickers printed with high-quality materials can elevate your brand image, showcasing professionalism and creativity.

Using labels on your products can boost the legitimacy when introducing a new product. A good design printed on a quality material can harness trust and integrity in the long run.

Trademarks could be in a form of sticker which could also be a cheaper option for marketing. Stickers could make business a little lighter and less corporate. This makes your business more feel more approachable and easier to engage with.


Stickers are just decorative

Indeed, stickers have a unique way of bringing life to everyday things. If they are used strategically, they can also serve other purposes. They could give directions, provide instructions, label on things to avoid confusion and so much more.

Some of our customers have found ingenious ways to use our stickers that even we didn’t know about. Only your imagination is the limit when it comes to stickers. From printing promotional stickers for podcasts, brands, and services, and to heartwarming commemorative stickers to remember loved ones. Stickers are also effective medium to share views and empower your community.

Stickers are limited to local use

Contrary to the popular belief, stickers can actually go beyond borders. Car enthusiasts, cyclists and individuals alike that roam the country have been using stickers and decals to jazz up their gears. 

They also pocket some Custom Die Cut Stickers to hand out to people they meet on the road. Just like the Life of the Cromies who’s always on the road and have printed stickers to spread the word about their journey.

Did you want to order from Stickeroo but not sure about the quality or what to choose? Try out our Sticker Sample Pack first! For a low price, you can get a wide variety of stickers for you to test out before going with your order.

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