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Why is My Sticker a Different Size to What I Ordered?

  • 2 min read
Okay, so you ordered your stickers 7cm by 5cm. You’ve been shown a proof, and this has been approved. But, when it was printed and shipped, the stickers measured roughly 7.5cm by 4.1cm. Why is that? 

Some designs’ aren’t exactly proportionate to the sticker size selected. Because of this, we sometimes have to adjust the size of the sticker to make the borders even for best visual results. This means the height or width is sometimes smaller than what’s ordered.  

We do this instead of stretching or distorting your design as this affects the final look of your design. Of course, if requested, we can definitely do so.


Does this affect the pricing?

We will still try to match the widest dimension you opted for. For example, 7.5cm by 5cm Oval Stickers. We will still use this size as a smallest basis, so the pricing is still the same. If the disparity is too large, we will make sure to adjust the sticker quantity to make up for the price difference.

How to print and cut the exact sticker size you’re after?

All the adjustments done on your sticker is detailed in the proof email which is sent a few hours after you popped the order. If the sizing is crucial to your project, or you’re after a larger or smaller size, you can always mention this to our friendly customer service team and they will do their best to accommodate your requirements.

Stickeroo offers unlimited revision so you're assured that we won't hit print until you're happy.

If you have other concerns on sticker printing, you may visit the Stickeroo Help Centre. You can also email us at!

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