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  Third Boi - the perfect stylish daywear

Third Boi was launched in 2018, a creation by Melbourne designer, Bianca Latorre.
Finding reasonably priced yet still fashionable casual daywear can sometimes be impossible. Not anymore! 
Third Boi has been designed with a considered colour palette and subtle pattern offer, lending itself to layering and mixing to create an individual look that is as comfortable as it is stylish.  The range has playful undertones yet is still classic and tasteful with an unwavering focus on fit and branding.
Customer experience will always be the main focus of online shopping. Business owners are constantly trying to figure out how to create a positive experience for the end consumer and where possible, add in a few personal touches. This is where stickers come in! Third Boi uses stickers (like our KISS Cut stickers) for packaging presentation for all their online orders! Make your product look fantastic and let your customers recognise your brand!
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