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How About a Sticky Rebrand?

  • 2 min read
Stickers may be small but you can see them as tiny and dynamite ambassadors for your brand. We are always exploring more unique ways to use stickers to give your marketing efforts that extra lift. Consider some of these and do let us know what else works well for your brand.

Customised Thank You Notes

Especially during these times when it’s even more important to build loyalty and spending that extra time and effort to personalise a "thank you" note will leave a lasting impression with your customers.


Interactive Packaging

Yes, you can save a couple of dollars using plain labels or you can spend just a few cents per sticker creating a branded label that will really improve the brand perception when customers unwrap their parcels. It also doesn’t cost a lot more - to add a one liner that shouts your brand values and boosting the plain logo to another level. Customers are looking for something to connect to.

Environmental Advocacy

Remember our stickers are eco-friendly and this is yet another way to stand out when you share with your customers every step taken by your brand to look after the environment.  Simply by choosing to print with a local company like Stickeroo. you are already doing your part and your customers will feel even better to purchase.

Product Customisation

Whether it’s adding a name or meaningful date, we have stickers that allow written personalisation should the occasion call for it. The power is in the ability to tailor the product experience for your customers, so consider how you can use this functionality in your most authentic and unique way.



It would absolutely make sense to think of consistency when it comes to branding. However, we should also remember that a relevant and competitive business is always evolving and never stagnant. When the time comes for your rebranding, you definitely want to consider using custom stickers for your new look. They’re economical, long-lasting, and incredibly easy to make!

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